Concrete Curbing

Are you looking for concrete curbing near me?

Concrete is a widely used construction material throughout the nation.  It is used to build all types of public institutions and private residences.  It is present in the foundations and walls of hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, homes and commercial office buildings.  It can also be found throughout our transportation system in bridges, tunnels, runways and highways.

Concrete curbing is also an essential element in many commercial parking lots and residential communities.  It has many benefits:

  • affordable
  • low maintenance
  • strong and durable
  • creates an artistic barrier for landscaping
  • prevents vehicles from driving through protected areas
  • prevents tree roots from penetrating the asphalt parking lot.

There are various types of concrete curbing available on the market.  Each one has has a specific purpose.  M.A. Construction Group can install extruded curbing, poured in place curbing and valley curbing.  It depends upon your particular property’s needs.

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