Reap the Benefits of a Freshly Striped Parking Lot

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  • November 5, 2018

Parking Stall / Parking Lot StripingParking lot traffic markings are essential ingredients to a well- organized parking lot and one that promotes good traffic flow. Over time, traffic markings can fade as they are exposed to the elements which is why it is important to restripe them every 12-18 months.

Walk through your concrete or asphalt parking lot or roadway. Has the striping faded and in need of refreshing? Below are some important benefits of restriping your asphalt or concrete surfaces and why it is an economical option to refresh the curb appeal of your property.

  1. Appearance
    One of the major benefits of restriping the traffic markings is purely for aesthetic reasons.  A freshly striped parking lot enhances the curb appeal of your property and makes customers want to come into your business establishment.
  2. An Economical and Noticeable Improvement
    Restriping is inexpensive.  It’s a low-cost and easy way to give your property a burst of freshness, PLUS it’s easily noticed by customers or residents driving through the neighborhood.
  3. Traffic Flow
    A well-planned parking lot will have all the necessary markings, arrows, crosswalks, fire lanes and stop bars to encourage good traffic flow. If your shopping center or strip mall is easy to maneuver around, customers are more likely to frequent your center than a disorganized parking lot full of congestion.  During the busy holiday season, this is critical to attract customers to your business.  Heavily trafficked properties such as hotels, apartment buildings, condominium or homeowner associations and large residential communities can also benefit from restriping and improved traffic flow.
  4. ADA And Code Compliance – Avoid a Fine
    The Americans with Disabilities Act has many guidelines when it comes to parking lot striping.  Many local municipalities require visible stall line striping and traffic markings.  Florida Statutes requires that accessible parking spaces “…must be prominently outlined with blue paint, and must be repainted when necessary, to be clearly distinguishable as a parking space designated for persons who have disabilities….”These requirements are frequently enforced through code violations and fines.  A freshly striped parking lot will clearly delineate these markings thus helping make it compliant with Florida statutes and local code ordinances.
  5. Maximize the Number of Parking Stalls
    Pull your own vehicle into your parking lot during a busy time of day. Is the space well utilized? Can you redesign the space to accommodate more vehicles and improve traffic flow? A sealcoating and striping contractor can help you re-evaluate the space and recommend changes to maximize the use of all available parking areas.

There are many benefits of restriping your parking lot, from aesthetics to code compliance to maximizing the available space in your asphalt or concrete parking lot or roadway. If your traffic markings or lines are fading and difficult to see on the pavement surface, it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint.

M.A Construction Group LLC offers parking lot striping services for commercial parking lots, shopping centers, strip centers and large residential properties. Contact us today at 86-MAConFLA (866-226-6352) for a free evaluation.

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